Your daughter has so many food allergies... What can she eat?

 My daughter, 8 year old "Allergic Emma", is allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, pumpkin, coconut, and all "pit foods" like avocados, peaches, etc. The question I get asked the most is, What CAN she eat? Luckily, she is not allergic to any proteins so beef, chicken, pork, turkey, shellfish and fish are all safe for her. She is not a big fan of fish, I think its a texture thing, but loves shrimp and eats it often. Also, she does not have a problem with wheat so that helps a lot. Due to all of her allergies, she can't have things that most children have like happy meals, ice cream and pizza. It definitely is hard at times when she wants to be a "normal" kid but the silver lining is she eats very healthy. In the picture above, Emma is eating her favorite meal- steak, corn and a baked potato. I often hear "she eats like an adult"... which is true. I cook most of her food in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper which she loves. 2 years ago,


 My name is Rose. I have an amazing 8 year old daughter named Emma, known to many as Allergic Emma. She has had 5 anaphylactic reactions and is dedicating her life to helping others like her. I’m incredibly proud of her but the journey is a tough one. Follow along for food allergy information and my personal side to her story.